Monday, April 19, 2010

I feel so sorry, but it's impossible to me due to lack of time mantain two blogs. So if you want to read "El Camino al Dan" in English, just enter into and translate it with google translate. I'll put a button for do this. :/

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi fellas!

I don't really understand the meaning of fellas, is an insult or despective?

Apart from this I'm going to talk a bit about Cadiz. Cadiz is a city in southern spain. We have beach, sun and lots of pretty brunette girls. The first spanish constitution was written here, and a lot of interesting and historical events happened here. 

But, what about go? We have Agoca, Cadiz Go Association. We meet twice a week, tuesdays in Cultural Center "El Bidón" (Cádiz, Alcalde Manuel de la Pinta Avenue, near of the corner where it cross with Velazquez street ) and mondays in Tsuki Coffe (C/ Doctor Zurita Nº4 11004 Cádiz).

So if you're here on holidays or something, don't doubt about visiting us. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing against Dani

Today I met Dani again in our univerty's go club, our small go club. He won me... That's all, but I remembered a lot of things and was great to review the game after play it.

I think that I learn some things reviewing and I remembered a lot of other things. :/

This is the game, if you want to point out something just comment. :)

;B[lc]C[Esta es la jugada original.

Dani ha realizado algunos comentarios sobre ella, dice que no le gusta, no aprecia mi maestría. Pero tiene razón.

Esa pinza no trabaja con nadie, realmente la pinza que mejor trabajaría sería A, pero no sé porque no la hice realmente. Parece una pinza demasiado suave, pero es pinza porque no deja hacer una extensión cómoda, y trabaja mejor con la piedra en tengen.]L[jd];W[qc]C[Dani tampoco se comío mucho la cabeza, simplemente invadió.];B[pc];W[qd];B[pe];W[pb];B[ob];W[qb];B[oc];W[qf];B[gc];W[cf]
;W[qg]C[Esa jugada es cuestionable, él no quería vivir pequeño y tal y cual. Pero bueno, yo estaba demasiado abierto supongo que fue una buena idea por su parte sacar la cabecita.

Lo que no sé si hubiera sido mejor saltar una más lejos... :/]SQ[qg];B[fq];W[cn];B[jp];W[qn]
;B[np]C[Muy suave por mi parte, no debería haberle dejado conectar.

Quizás un ataque intentando separarle hubiera sido buena idea, y luego haber intentado montar agrandar el moyo de arriba, pero ando demasiado abierto. :/]SQ[qj][qk][pk][pj];W[pj]L[pk]C[Dani se quejó de esa jugada, a mí me parece correcta. Le parece que está sobreconcentrado, que era mejor A.  Un poquito más cerca];B[pl];W[ql];B[pm];W[qm];B[pk];W[qk];B[oj];W[pi];B[pn];W[oi]
;B[ee]C[Sí, no tiene explicación.

La invasión directa era mejor idea...];W[fd];B[ed];W[ec]
;B[fc]C[Que sí, que lo leí mal coño... xDDD]
(;B[jf]L[dh]C[Cagada por mi parte... Era mucho mejor forzar y hacer forma.];W[dh]C[Él compra];B[nh];W[fo];B[go];W[gn];B[gp];W[fn];B[hn];W[hm];B[im];W[in]
;B[qo]C[Cagada... :S

A era mucho mejor]L[qp];W[qq];B[ro]
;W[or]C[Ea, esto para que os divirtáis.];B[mr];W[rq];B[pq];W[pr];B[rs];W[qs]
;B[rr]C[No recuerdo exactamente esta pelea, quizás se me haya ido la olla.];W[nr];B[qr];W[os];B[nq];W[sr];B[ps];W[mq];B[lr];W[qs];B[hj]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Touching stones again

Today I had being playing against Dani at university, we have changed our meeting's schedule and we meet wednesdays at two o'clock until five. I'm very weak now, I haven't played for a month and I feel weird touching the stones. When I arrive home at night I don't really want to play a game, I want to sleep or just talk to my girlfriend.

But he won me, so I have to study and play more, I want to improve. I'm competitive, I think that my own nature is to learn things, a lot of things about different subjects, I really love learning new things. So I'm going to apply this for go.

I was seeing Eloy's photos of Barcelona's Tournament. There're some of them. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

So many time...

Touching go stones is so weird... So many time without them ...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weaker :/

I feel weaker, I'm on a losing streak, it's quite painful. You sit and play, you lose, you play another game, you lose, and it repeats once and once until you close the window.

I think that sometimes I get quite obsessed with my KGS ranking, especially when I'm feeling that I'm stronger, I take a sight to my graph and it's near the next rank... But I lose... :/

Not play for win, play for learn and fun...

Not play for win, play for learn and fun...

Not play for win, play for learn and fun...
Not play for win, play for learn and fun...

Not play for win, play for learn and fun...
Not play for win, play for learn and fun...
Not play for win, play for learn and fun...
Not play for win, play for learn and fun...

Personal mantra... Oooom